Bottle-Top Dispenser 50ml
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Bottle-Top Dispenser 50ml

Model: tDispenser

TOP INSTRUMENT Bottle-Top Dispenser 50ml is a specialized laboratory tool used for dispensing precise and accurate volumes of liquid from a bottle. It is designed to provide a high level of accuracy and precision in various applications such as sample preparation, PCR, and other biological experiments. The dispenser typically has an adjustable volume setting, allowing for precise control of the volume of liquid being dispensed.
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  • tDispenser

  • TOP


  • Excellent chemical resistance.

  • Fully autoclavable at 121℃.

  • Adjustable control knob makes setting the volume easy.

  • Made of PTFE, FEP, BSG, PP.

  • Vapor pressure Max.500mbar, viscositymax.

  • 500mm²/s, temperature max.40℃, density max.2.2g/cm².

The Parameters of Bottle-top Dispenser

Product CodeDescriptionVolume RangeSubdivisionAccuracy±Precision≤
30013010Bottle-top Dispenser1ml-±2.00% 20ul1.00% 10ul
30013020Bottle-top Dispenser0.5-5ml0.1ml±0.50% 25ul0.10% 5ul
30013030Bottle-top Dispenser1.0-10ml0.2ml±0.50% 50ul0.10% 10ul
30013040Bottle-top Dispenser2.5-25ml0.5ml±0.50% 125ul0.10% 25ul
30013050Bottle-top Dispenser5.0-50ml1.0ml±0.50% 250ul0.10% 50ul


30013110  Adapt 45/40mm

30013120  Adapt 45/32mm

30013130  Adapt 45/38mm

30013140  Adapt 32/25mm

30013150  Adapt 32/28mm

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