Portable pH/mV Meter
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Portable pH/mV Meter

Model: PHB-5

TOP INSTRUMENT Portable pH/mV Meter is a handheld device used for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.The portable design of the pH meter makes it easy to use in a variety of settings, and it is often battery-operated for added convenience.
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  • PHB-5

  • TOP


  • It adopts blue backlight and double-row digital display liquid crystal, which can display pH value, temperature value or potential (mV) value at the same time.

  • It is suitable for laboratory sampling and determination of pH value and potential (mV) value of aqueous solution in universities, research institutes, environmental monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises and other departments.

  • Equipped with an ORP electrode to measure the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) value of the solution.

  • Equipped with an ion-selective electrode, the electrode potential value of the electrode can be measured.

Instrument level0.1 level
Measuring rangepH0.00~14.00pH
mV0 ~ ± 1400mV
Resolution0.01pH, 1mV, 0.1°C
Temperature compensation range0 ~ 60 ℃
Basic error of electronic unitpH± 0.05pH
mV± 1% (FS)
The basic error of the instrument± 0.1pH
Electronic unit input currentno more than 1*10-11 A
Electronic unit input impedancenot less than 3*10 11 Ω
Electronic unit repeatability errorpH0.05pH
Instrument repeatability errornot more than 0.05pH
Electronic unit stability± 0.05pH ± 1 word/3h
Dimensions (l*b*h)220*160*65mm
Normal use conditionsAmbient temperature(5 ~ 50) ℃
Relative humidity≤ 85%
Power supplyDC6V
No significant vibration
No external magnetic field interference except the earth's magnetic field

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