Laboratory Fume Hood TS-FH1500
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Laboratory Fume Hood TS-FH1500

Model: TS-FH1500

TOP INSTRUMENT Laboratory Fume Hood TS-FH1500 is used in the laboratory, it is necessary to discharge harmful gases, and it is a common laboratory equipment that needs to be cleaned and decontaminated during the experiment. Water, electricity, gas, and ventilation are integrated, and multi-functional power sockets are built in, which is convenient for using other electrical equipment in the laboratory process.
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  • TS-FH1500

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Characteristic of Laboratory Fume Hood TS-FH1500:

TOP INSTRUMENT High-Quality Mini Laboratory Stainless Steel Fume Hood serves as a critical piece of laboratory equipment designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for conducting experiments that involve potentially hazardous fumes, vapors, or chemical substances.

The use of seamlessly welded cold-rolled steel plates in the TS-FH1500's construction ensures a sturdy and airtight structure. The table in the experimental area is made of stainless steel veneer. The surface of the TS-FH1500 undergoes electrostatic spraying treatment. The electrostatic spraying treatment contributes to a smooth and dust-free surface. The design of the TS-FH1500 is aesthetically pleasing, featuring a beautiful and generous appearance.

The combination of seamlessly welded cold-rolled steel plates and the use of stainless steel veneer results in a durable construction. This durability ensures the TS-FH1500 can withstand the rigors of laboratory use over an extended period.

The integration of stainless steel components and electrostatic spraying treatment underscores the commitment to creating a reliable and long-lasting laboratory equipment.

Average wind speed

0.25-0.45 m/s, adjustable

Inlet pressure

>0.5 Pa

Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz





Work area (W*D*H)


Overall dimension (W*D*H)


Lamp specification and quantity


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