Fluoride(F-) Ion Selective Electrode(ISE) 972101
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Fluoride(F-) Ion Selective Electrode(ISE) 972101

Model: 972101

TOP INSTRUMENT Fluoride(F-) Ion Selective Electrode(ISE) 972101 is a type of pH electrode that is designed to measure the pH of a solution. It typically consists of a glass bulb and a reference electrode, which are connected to a meter or other measuring device. These electrodes are commonly used in laboratory settings, as well as in industrial applications such as water treatment and food processing.
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  • 972101

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  • The ISE measurement is efficient and economical. The measurement mode are Auto-reading, Standard Add, Sample ADD, GRAN methods according to the meter function.

  • The Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE probe) need cooperate with reference electrode, such as 232-01 reference electrode.

  • The Combined Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE probe) combines the reference electrode.

  • The connector must be compatible with the meter you are using.

  • BNC(Q9)

  • S7 【S7-BNC(Q9) cable】

SpeciesFluoride (F-)
Measuring range (mol/L)1.0×10-6M~saturation
MembraneCrystalline state membrane
BodyPolypropylene (PP)
DimensionΦ12*120 mm
Working Temp.0~80 ℃
JunctionSeparate ring grinding mouth glass
Reference ElectrolyteS
Reference TypeClickOK Ref.
Working pH5-7

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