Benchtop Conductivity Meter
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Benchtop Conductivity Meter

Model: PDS-307

TOP INSTRUMENT Benchtop Conductivity Meter is a laboratory conductivity measuring instrument, which is widely used in petrochemical, biomedicine, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, mining and smelting industries, colleges and scientific research units. If equipped with a conductivity electrode with an appropriate constant, it can also be used to measure the conductivity of pure water or ultrapure water in electronic semiconductors, nuclear energy industries and power plants.
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  • PDS-307

  • TOP


  • Four ranges, automatic switching, automatic carry display, simple operation, high measurement accuracy.

  • The temperature is automatically measured and displayed, and the solution is automatically temperature compensated.

  • It adopts 3-digit LCD digital display, the temperature and measured value are displayed at the same time, the appearance is beautiful, and the display is clear. The instrument is equipped with a multi-functional electrode bracket to make the operation more convenient.

  • Four kinds of electrode constants (0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10) can be selected, which can not only measure the conductivity of general aqueous solution, but also measure the conductivity of high pure water.

  • With conductivity and TDS conversion function.

Measuring range (0~2*105μS•cm-1)0.00~19.99μS/cm 20.0~199.9μS/cm200~1999μS/cm 2.00~20.0mS/cm
TDS measurement range (0-10.0)g/L 0.000-19.99 mg/L 20.0-199.9 mg/L200-1999 mg/L 2000-10.0 g/l
Electronic unit basic error±1.0%(FS) ±l word
Basic error of the instrument1.5%(FS)±1 word
Electronic unit temperature compensation error±1.0%(FS) ± l word
Temperature Compensation Range ——(5~50)℃, reference temperature 25℃
Temperature display range0~100℃
Medium temperature5~50℃
Matching electrodesDJS-1T plastic electrode, Electrode constant: 1.0 cm-1
Dimensions (1*b*h)




Normal use conditions

a) Ambient temperature


b) Relative humidity

Not more than 85%

c) Power supply

DC9V 400mA (inner positive and outer negative)

d) No noticeable vibration

e) No external magnetic field interference except the earth's magnetic field

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