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Viscometer Accessories

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TOP INSTRUMENT Viscometer Accessories are specialized tools that enhance the functionality and performance of viscometers, which are designed to provide additional features such as improved accuracy, ease of use, and compatibility with different types of samples.
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L0 rotor

Accurately measure ultra-low viscosity samples

The sample volume only needs 25~30mL

Small sample adapter

Small sample volume, only 10~20mL, especially suitable for testing valuable samples

Connect a constant temperature water bath to participate in the cycle to control the temperature of the sample being tested

It has the characteristics of easy disassembly and easy cleaning

Standard oilCapacity 400ml
PrinterMicro monochrome printer
RTD temperature probeTemperature measurement range is 0~100℃
Accuracy is ±0.1℃
PDJ series options
PNB series/PV series standard configuration
Data acquisition analysis and graphing softwareAutomatic data collection
Generate viscosity flow curve and record measurement data
Support up to ten historical data comparisons
Can be output into Excel format file
Can analyze data, make charts and print
DV program-controlled download softwareUse a computer to create a user testing program
DV Loader allows users to select different parameters such as rotation speed and duration, download them to the PV-2 viscometer through the computer, and then perform repeatable user-defined tests without the computer
Connect PV-2 and PC computer, compile a test program on the computer, and download the test parameters to the viscometer
Special temperature controlled heaterUsed with various PNB and PV series viscometers produced by our company, it mainly measures substances that are solid at room temperature and become liquid after heating at high temperatures, such as asphalt, hot melt adhesive, polyethylene wax, etc. Aluminum or stainless steel measuring cylinders can be added.
Special viscosity measurement constant temperature water tankLatest design microcomputer precision constant temperature control system imported Pt100 temperature sensor/resolution: 0.1℃/temperature fluctuation: ±0.05℃/pump flow 8L/min/stainless steel table top/inner tank and box are made of high-quality stainless steel materials
L5 rotorOnly for: PDJ series/PNB series

LVPV-1/LVPV-2 optional

R1 rotorOnly available for: RVPV-1/HBPV-1/RVPV-2/HBPV-2 optional

1.L0转子 2.少量样品适配器
L0 rotor Small sample adapter Standard oil Printer
5.RTD温度探头 6.数据采集分析和绘图软件.jpg
RTD temperature probe Data acquisition analysis and graphing software DV program-controlled download software Special temperature controlled heater

Special viscosity measurement constant temperature water tank L5 rotor R1 rotor

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