High-temperature Viscometer
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High-temperature Viscometer


TOP INSTRUMENT Digital High-temperature Viscometer is a specialized laboratory tool used for measuring the viscosity of liquids. It is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements of the viscosity of various liquids such as oils, paints, and other fluids. It is commonly used in research labs, industrial settings, and quality control applications where accurate and precise viscosity measurements are required.
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  • It mainly measures substances that are solid at room temperature and become liquid after being heated at high temperatures, such as asphalt, hot melt adhesive, polyethylene wax, etc.

  • It can be used as a stand-alone machine, and the measurement data is directly displayed on the LCD screen without secondary calculation; it can also be equipped with "Data Acquisition Analysis and Drawing Software" to realize data acquisition and data analysis, and monitor the viscosity-temperature curve throughout the process.

  • Using high-resolution stepper motor, the speed is accurate and stable.

  • The LCD liquid crystal has a blue backlight function and directly displays the viscosity, rotation speed, percentage torque, rotor number, and the maximum measurable viscosity value and temperature value of the selected rotor at the current rotation speed. The PV-2 series can also display shear rate and shear stress. The viscosity value displays continuous changes, and an alarm sounds when exceeding the measurement range.

  • The measurement performance of this instrument reaches the level of similar foreign products.

  • The high-temperature furnace adopts built-in integral heating, which is heated evenly and has small thermal inertia.

Measured Range50~10 M10-1M100~10M800-80M5-1M50-10M400-80M
Rotation Speed0.1~2000.1~99.90.1-200
Measuring MethodManual and automatic measurementManual measurement
Number of Spindle4 types (No. 21, 27, 28, 29 rotors)
Measurement Accuracy±1%(FS)
Sample Capacity10-20
Temperature Control RangeRoom temperature +5-250
Temperature Control Accuracy±0.1

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