LCD Digital Microscope TMC100
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LCD Digital Microscope TMC100

Model: TMC100

TOP INSTRUMENT LCD Digital Microscope TMC100 adopts ergonomic design, with smooth lines and beautiful appearance. With intelligent LCD digital display window, it has ACT color temperature switching function and ECO intelligent sensor function.
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  • TMC100

  • TOP


  • High-sensitivity image sensor

Self-developed high-sensitivity module, using Sony high-sensitivity sensor, effective pixels up to 16 million, while supporting 4K resolution 30 frames full HD video transmission.

  • Integrated data interface

The integrated data interface includes USB2.0/3.0 interface, HDMI interface, RJ45 interface, Type-C, etc., through USB, HDMI high-definition data interface to connect to display screens, projectors and other equipment, and display fine images on a large screen. It can meet multiple viewing modes of a microscope, providing a multi-directional way for scientific research and teaching.

  • 5G wireless transceiver

Equipped with a 5G wireless transceiver to form a wireless interactive teaching and scientific research system, the WIFI transmission signal is stable, and the image under the mirror can be viewed in real time through the smart terminal, which is convenient for teaching interaction. Through the wireless structure, it is simple, high-speed and stable.

  • 3D rotating LCD display

The 11.6-inch high-definition LCD screen, real-time display of ultra-clear images, meeting the needs of multi-person observation, and the screen can achieve 160° flip and 270° rotation. It can meet the observation of different positions, and further improve the comfort and convenience of the observer.

  • Human body inductive module

When the user leaves for 30 minutes, the power can be automatically turned off.

  • EDF depth of field extension and image stitching

EDF depth-of-field extension and image stitching technology breaks through the limitations of traditional microscope depth of field while meeting the function of multi-image stitching.

  • Smart digital display window

The intelligent digital display module can display information such as the brightness of the light source, charging status, and battery power.

  • Color temperature switch

Using excellent intelligent control system, LED color temperature can be continuously changed from 3500K to 6500K, and it has excellent heat dissipation performance, which can fully meet the requirements of color temperature and color rendering index in bright places.

Product parts

  • Observation tube

30° inclined binocular observation tube, the interpupillary distance adjustment range is 48-76mm. Long-term observation is not easy to fatigue.

  • Display screen

11.6-inch full HD IPS touch screen, Windows10 operating system.


  • Eyepiece

Wide field and high eye point make observation more convenient.

  • Objective

Inner four-hole nosepiece, plan objective: 4X, 10X, 40X (Spring), 100X (Spring, Oil), PH infinity achromatic objective lens: 4X, 10X, 40X (Spring), 100X (Spring, Oil)


  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment

Equipped with coarse adjustment and tightness adjustment mechanism, the upper limit is adjustable. Coarse adjustment stroke: 28mm, fine adjustment accuracy: 0.002mm.


  • Curved double-layer mechanical stage

Corrosion and wear resistance. Area: 140mm*140mm, moving range: 76mm*52mm.


  • Condenser

Abbe condenser, N.A.=1.25, iris diaphragm, adjustable center, handwheel lifting.

  • Anti-mold coating process

Ensure the stability of product performance under high temperature and high humidity environment and extend the service life of the microscope.

  • Side-mounted drawer light box

The design of the side-mounted drawer light box makes it easy to replace the light source.


  • Illumination

3W LED, the brightness is continuously adjustable.


  • Smart digital display window

Display light source brightness, charging status, and battery power.


Total magnification


Observation tube

Compensation Binocular tube, 30 °inclined, interpupillary distance 48-75mm

Display tablet

11.6-inch full HD IPS touch screen, Windows 10 operating system

160° vertical flip, 270° horizontal rotation

Photographyb module

8 million pixels 1/1.8 inch CMOS


High eyepoint wide field WF10X/18mm



Plan objective

4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring, Oil)

Achromatic Objective(Optional)

4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring, Oil)


Four Holes Nosepiece


Curved double-layer mechanical platform, 140*140mm, stroke 76*52mm

Focusing system

Coarse and fine movement coaxial, adjustable elasticity,
Coarse movement stroke: 28mm, fine movement accuracy: 0.002mm


Abbe condenser, NA=1.25, iris diaphragm, center adjustable, handwheel lifting

Illumination system

Critical illumination, adjustable field diaphragm

Upper Light source

USB flexible light, 360° lighting without any blind spot

Bottom light

3W LED, brightness adjustable, right-side insertion and removal

Intelligent sensing device

30 minutes delay induction shutdown

Photoelectric Smart Display

Display LED up and down light brightness, battery level, ECO

Power supply

External regulated power adapter DC 5V/2A, Rechargeable battery 3.7V-1600mAh

Microscope interface

HDMI, USB3.0, USB2.0, LAN, Type C, ANT


Instrument size: 410mm(length)*285mm(width)*578mm(height)

Bracket size: 285mm(length)*190mm(width)*291mm(height)


Color temperature switching, ECO human body induction, Kolher lighting

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