Digital Microscope TH50-PB Series
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Digital Microscope TH50-PB Series

Model: TH50-PB series

TOP INSTRUMENT Digital Microscope TH50-PB Series, using ergonomics design, Smooth line of machine, beautiful appearance, light structure. Long-term observation is not easy to fatigue, built-in handle for easy pick up. It is available for teaching research, clinical experiments and scientific research analysis of biology, pathology and bacteriology in many institutions of higher learning, medical and health care, laboratories and scientific research institutes.
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  • TH50-PB series

  • TOP


  • Seamless connection between Digital photoelectric imaging and optical system;

  • CCD/CMOS camera is really built-in, accurate internal positioning;

  • Original photoelectric imaging splitting structure eliminates the need for push-pull rods to ensure adequate and uniform illumination at any magnification;

  • There is no need to re-adjust the coarse adjustment to ensure that the observation under the binocular is completely synchronized with the computer display;

  • Excellent image quality, like sharp and no color difference, the image is flat and clear.





Image acquisition   system

Operating system: WIN10; 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1920*1080,   frequency: 1.44GHz core number: quad-core, running memory: 2GB, graphics card: graphics card: Intel HD Graphic; ports: WIFI, OTG, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, speakers, microphone

16 million pixels Windows integrated smart touch industrial-grade tablet, high-definition screen with 1080P resolution; 11.6-inch IPS capacitive touch screen; imported high-resolution image sensor, good color reproduction, high clarity and height; 1/2.33 inch, 1.35*1.35 microns, 1 /2.3 inch progressive scan; WIN10 genuine operating system; 4G DDR 64G solid state hard drive; Interface: USB3.0, HDMI; RJ45 network port; built-in WIFI (optional)

Built-in CCD/CMOS camera, 5 million pixels (optional 2 million to 16 million), digital field of view is not less than 80%, convenient and quick to observe, take pictures,   and transmit

Microscopic image processing software for windows, software functions: manual/automatic exposure, manual/automatic white balance, photographing, video recording, image editing, measurement, image color adjustment, image overlay, particle counting

Microscopic image processing software Android version, software functions: manual/automatic exposure, photo, video, measurement, image color adjustment

Viewing Head

Built-in Digital compensation binocular head,30° inclined, interpupillary distance 48-75mm.(360° rotatable)

Compensation trinocular head,30° inclined, interpupillary distance 48-75mm.(360° rotatable,with push-pull rod)


High eyepoint, Wide field, diopter adjustable, WF10*20mm, WF16*16mm


UA Achromatic Objective 4x, 10x, 40X (Spring), 100x (Spring,Oil)

Plan Achromatic Objective4x, 10x, 40X (Spring), 100x (Spring,Oil)


Inner inclined quadruple nosepiece, ball bearing inner locating

Focusing System

Coarse & fine coaxial focusing knob, coarse focusing range 20mm, fine focusing graduation 0.002mm

Adjustable elasticity, random positioning and locking device


Double-layer mechanical mobile platform, double slice clamp size: 115mm*125mm, optional: 140mm*132mm, move range: 76mm* 52mm


Abbe condenser N.A.=1.25,with iris diaphragm, moving up and down, center adjustment, with filter holder.

Light collecting lens

Critical illumination, large-aperture light collecting lens

Upper light

High-power LED, universal lighting (optional, non-standard)

Transmission light source

LED cold light, brightness adjustable

Power supply

External switching power supply, input AC90-240V, output DC 6V/2A

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