Automatic Distillation Tester with Circulation Stirrer
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Automatic Distillation Tester with Circulation Stirrer

Model: PYD-6536D

TOP INSTRUMENT Automatic Distillation Tester with Circulation Stirrer is used to determine the distillation characteristics of motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, distillate fuel, naphtha, and some solvents which have special boiling points. It is a new instrument which is advanced and easy-operated. High cost performance.
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  • PYD-6536D

  • TOP

Characteristic of Automatic Distillation Tester with Circulation Stirrer:

  • Built-in Microcomputer with Advanced IPC Technology

The distillation tester features a built-in microcomputer utilizing advanced Industrial PC (IPC) technology. This ensures sophisticated control and processing capabilities for accurate and efficient distillation testing.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The device boasts a 12.1-inch light-touch LCD for a user-friendly interface, facilitating man-machine dialogue. The system is designed to be easy to operate, enhancing overall usability.

  • Intelligent SCM Control

The tester incorporates Intelligent Single-Chip Microcontroller (SCM) control, automating various aspects of the distillation process. This includes heating, cooling, distillate liquid level tracking, distillation rate control, recovered solution control, temperature recording, and printing.

  • Real-time Curve Display

Real-time display of vapor temperature curve, heater temperature curve, and distillation rate curve allows operators to assess whether the ongoing distillation process meets the standards' requirements.

  • Imported Components for Reliability

The use of imported components such as compressors and temperature sensors ensures the reliability of the test results and maintains good repeatability.

  • Customization and Flexibility

The tester allows the addition of suitable standards and distillation procedures based on customer needs and different oil samples, providing flexibility in testing various materials.

  • Automatic Barometric Pressure Correction

The device features an automatic barometric pressure detecting function, ensuring that barometric correction is completed automatically. This prevents the test results from being influenced by variations in barometric pressure.

  • Calculation of Vapor Temperature

The tester can calculate the vapor temperature by inputting the residue amount after the test, offering additional analytical capabilities.

  • Cold Bath Features

The cold bath contains anti-freezing solution, and a circulation stirrer is equipped inside. A liquid level sensor and overflow pipe ensure the water level in the bath remains normal, contributing to stable and controlled conditions.

  • Safety Features

An automatic fire-extinguishing device is integrated into the tester, enhancing the safety of the distillation testing process.

These characteristics collectively make the PYD-6536D a technologically advanced, customizable, and safe tool for precise distillation testing in various laboratory settings.

Power supply

AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

Heating power


Electric furnace heating power


Receiving cylinder

100 ml. Scale division 1 ml

Distillation flask

125 ml, as per GB/T6536 and ASTM D86


Total immersion. They are from ( -2 to 300 )℃ and from (-2 to 400) ℃. The scale divisions of them are 1 ℃

Flask support board

Sic. Diameters of holes are φ32mm, 38mm, and 50mm

Temperature controller of condensing tube


0 ℃ to 60 ℃



Temperature controller of receiving room



0 ℃ to ambien



Ambient temperature


Relative humidity




Net weight


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