Vacuum Distillation Tester PYD-0165B
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Vacuum Distillation Tester PYD-0165B

Model: PYD-0165B

TOP INSTRUMENT Vacuum Distillation Tester PYD-0165B is a specialized laboratory instrument used to determine the boiling range and other properties of petroleum products under vacuum conditions. It is suitable to determine the distillation characteristics of wax oil, lubricating oils and other petroleum products with high boiling point range.
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  • PYD-0165B

  • TOP

Characteristic of Vacuum Distillation Tester PYD-0165B:

Introducing Top Instrument Lab Vacuum Distillation Tester - Revolutionize Your Distillation Processes with Precision and Automation.

  • IPC Control Technology

The PYD-0165B utilizes advanced IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) control technology to automatically regulate the vacuum pressure during the distillation process.

  • High Accuracy Temperature Sensor

Equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor, the PYD-0165B can accurately detect the steam temperature generated during distillation.

  • LCD Technology with Touch Screen Interface

The PYD-0165B features an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen with touch screen functionality, can input, modify and show parameters and control them by touch screen.

  • Automated Operation

With the exception of manually reading the distillate volume, all other aspects of the distillation process are fully automated by the instrument.

Overall, these characteristics highlight the advanced technology and automation capabilities of the Lab Vacuum Distillation Tester, making it a versatile and efficient tool for laboratory distillation processes.

Power supply

AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

Total power consumption


Heating furnace of distillation flask

(0~1300)W, adjustable

Setting range of vacuum residual pressure

(2~50) mmHg

Accuracy of vacuum residual pressure


Heating power of receiver

350W, automatically controlled

Temperature control point of receiver

(20~50)℃±3℃, adjustable

Ambient temp.



< 85%



Net weight


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