Residual Chlorine Analyzer(High Range)
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Residual Chlorine Analyzer(High Range)

Model: P93706B

TOP INSTRUMENT Residual Chlorine Analyzer(High Range) adopts spectrophotometry, and adopts the photoelectric colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Eliminates human error and has high measurement resolution. It can be widely used in inspection departments of waterworks, industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, domestic or industrial water, etc., in order to control the ion concentration in the water to meet the specified water quality standards.
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  • P93706B

  • TOP


  • Portable packaging, microcomputer touch keyboard, can display working status.

  • Low power consumption configuration, with low voltage indication and no operation automatic shutdown function.

  • The automatic zeroing and calibration functions are convenient for users to calibrate the instrument, and the memory working curve can be used directly.

  • It is measured by photoelectric colorimetry, and the concentration value is directly read, and the rapid determination reagent is randomly equipped.

Determination parameters

(low range) available chlorine

Measuring range


Minimum indication


Linear error


Measuring cell

Φ25mm colorimetric bottle

Wavelength selection


Calibration method

Automatic zero (0%T) and hundred (100%T)

Reading method

direct reading concentration value

Storage mode

Automatic storage, power-off storage

Average calculation


Timer reminder


Slope Calibration


Shutdown mode

Manual shutdown and no key operation 10 minutes automatic shutdown

Power supply mode

Battery power supply: 9V 6F22 carbon or 9V 6LR61 alkaline battery

Operating conditions

0~50℃ ambient temperature, 0~90% relative humidity


162*60*33 mm (6.38*2.36*1.3 inches)

Instrument weight

170g (including battery)

Optional functions

USB or RS232 data output interface can be selected, and power adapter can be selected: AC20V/50Hz, DC9V/1000mA

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