Economy Deionized Water System
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Economy Deionized Water System

Model: P-SML series

TOP INSTRUMENT Economy Deionized Water System is a machine designed to remove impurities and minerals from water, producing highly purified water with a low conductivity level. Deionized water machines are commonly used in various industries such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and automotive. They help ensure the quality and reliability of water used in different applications.
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  • P-SML series

  • TOP


  • Korean appearance, exquisite and slim, small size, can be inside lab cabinet.

  • Quick-insert filters make replacement easy and convenient.

  • Design of exposed filter cartridges make consumables replaced easily.

  • Microcomputer automatically control, backlight LED large LCD screen.

  • Visualized operating status, real-time display flushing, water making, water full& lack and maintenance status, with sound and light alarm function, Transparent window, simple&graceful, detachable panel, convenient maintenance.

  • Newest environmentally friendly materials. With a portable test pen.

P-SML series deionized water machine


10/20/30 LPH

The water requirements

Urban tap water, inlet water pressure: 0.15-0.5mpa, water temperature 5-40℃

RO water parameter

Ion rejection rate

97%-99% (when using a new RO film)

Organic matter rejection rate

>99% when MW>200 Dalton

Particle and bacterial rejection

> 99%

DI water parameter

Resistivity (25℃)

10 to 16 m Ω. Cm @ 25 ℃


< 0.1 us/cm

Heavy metal ion

< 0.01 ppb

Total organic carbon (TOC) *

<30 ppb


< 0.01 cfu/ml

Electrical requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 48-72W

The system configuration

Host machine (including 1 set of purification column)+TDS pen + accessories package

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