Digital Vertical Autoclave TGLS B Series
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Digital Vertical Autoclave TGLS B Series

Model: TGLS B Series

TOP INSTRUMENT Digital Vertical Autoclave TGLS B Series is a specialized laboratory tool used for sterilizing various materials, including medical instruments, glassware, and laboratory equipment. It is designed to provide a high level of sterilization by using high-pressure steam to kill microorganisms and other pathogens.
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  • TGLS B Series

  • TOP


  • Bolt structure.

  • High quality stainless steel material.

  • Microcomputer automatic control, arbitrary set of sterilization parameters.

  • Safety interlocking device.

  • Digital display and touch buttons.

  • Standard test interface.

  • Self-expanding seal.

  • The container with automatic protection function:over temperature protection; over pressure protection self discharge; low water level protection, anti dry burning.

  • With stainless steel bucket or basket.

  • Buzzer reminder after sterilization, automatic stop.

  • Automatic cooling air, sterilization end automatic exhaust steam.

*Optional external printer

Rated working pressure0.22MPa
Rated working temperature134℃
Sterilization temperature setting range50℃~134℃
Sterilization time setting range4~120 min
Drying time setting range0~240 min
Chamber volumeΦ300*500Φ350*525Φ400*625Φ450*650Φ450*760Φ500*780
Bucket dimensionΦ280*400Φ330*460Φ380*560Φ420*540Φ420*660Φ470*720
Basket dimension
Outer dimension400*400*860480*480*960522*567*1020555*555*1080555*599*1200605*649*1210
Packing size (L*W*H)550*500*1030580*630*1100630*680*1190690*650*1230690*650*1330750*700*1370
Gross/net weight58/41KG75/53KG82/61KG103/78KG108/82KG116/90KG

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