Desktop Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet TH-850
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Desktop Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet TH-850

Model: TH-850

TOP INSTRUMENT Desktop Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet TH-850 offers compact yet powerful solutions for maintaining a clean and controlled workspace. Constructed from durable cold-rolled plate and featuring an electrostatic spray coating, this cabinet ensures longevity and reliability. Its versatile air supply modes simplify airflow management for optimal working conditions.
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  • TH-850

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Characteristic of Desktop Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet TH-850:

Introducing TOP INSTRUMENT Desktop Mini Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet - your compact solution for clean and controlled working environments.

Crafted from robust cold-rolled plate and coated with electrostatic spray, the TH-850 ensures durability and reliability. Seamlessly switch between vertical and horizontal air supply modes with our intuitive quasi-closed glass damper system, simplifying operation for optimal airflow control.

Designed to fit snugly onto any standard workbench, the TH-850 is the perfect solution for space-conscious environments. Its small footprint belies its powerful performance, making it ideal for small studios or laboratories. With our remote-controlled fan system, you have complete control over airflow speed, ensuring an ideal working environment at all times.

Experience the convenience of precision with our fan system's remote control switch, allowing for swift adjustments between fast and slow speeds. Whether you're conducting delicate experiments or working on intricate projects, this cabinet provides the sterile environment you need for success.

Cleaning level

Grade 100≥0.5μM (209E U.S. Federal)

Number of bacteria

≤0.5per utensil.hour (90mm utensil)

The average wind speed



≤62dB (A)

Half ventilation peak value

≤5μm (XYZ direction)



Power supply

AC, 220V/50Hz

Dimension of working area (W1*D1*H1)


Overall dimension (W*D*H)


Efficient filter specifications and quantities


Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp of ultraviolet lights


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