Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer
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Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer

Model: PN6000

TOP INSTRUMENT Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer has a brand-new optical path design, selected accessories purchased from across the world, and superior instrument performance, which can greatly meet the analysis work needs of the most professional users. It can be widely used in scientific research and production in various fields such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, drug analysis, food inspection, medicine and hygiene, environmental protection, and life science.
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  • PN6000

  • TOP


  • The super-large screen displays various scanning curves and maps, so that users can complete all the measurement needs without the help of a computer.

  • The data measured by users can be directly exported to a USB flash drive. The opening and editing of data does not require any professional auxiliary software support. It can support Excel, TXT and picture formats (four formats can be output:. CSV, .qua, .tet, .bmp), which is convenient for users to edit experimental reports directly on the PC, which greatly saves the space of the experimental platform in colleges and universities and is convenient for users to use.

  • The industry's first one uses an advanced 32-bit Cortex_M3 processor with a main frequency of 120M, and 5,000 test data or 500 working curves can be stored inside the instrument.

  • The instrument is equipped with 8GB memory, which can store test data in large quantities; the instrument is equipped with a print interface (232), HOST USB interface, and a standard USB (A) interface.

  • 2000 hours of ultra-long-life lamp source, the instrument automatically switches the lamp source according to the measurement needs, and automatically records the use time of the lamp source. The socket lamp source makes the replacement operation easy.

  • 1200/mm high-efficiency plane holographic gratings, ultra-low stray light.

  • The super-large sample room and diversified accessories are convenient for users' various measurement needs.

  • It can be directly linked to the printer to output measurement maps and data.

  • Powerful PC functional software.

  • The instrument can support remote upgrade and support the user's official network download and upgrade.


7-inch 1024*600 color LCD screen

Optical system


Wavelength range


Spectral bandwidth


Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength repeatability


Wavelength resolution


Scattered light

at 220nm, 360nm, ≤0.03%T

Photometric range

0-200%T, -3-3A, 0-9999C (0-999F)

Photometric accuracy


Baseline straightness


Data storage

standard 8GB memory

Data output

RS-232C serial port (print), USB drive (line), USB HOST (USB disk)




about 23kg


Cortex_M3 main frequency 120Mhz

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