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Model: CellBox

TOP INSTRUMENT CellBox, in combination with a -80℃ freezer or dry ice locker, will provide the freezing rate of -1 degree per minute that is idea for cryo-preservation of most cultured cell lines. The CellBox may be used with a wide variety of commercially available cryogenic storage vials.
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  • CellBox

  • TOP


  • No alcohol

No pollution

The solid state core and insulation design

No Pre-cooling required

  • No Variability

Consistent freeze rate for each experiment

Consistent freezing rate for all vials

  • No on-going cost

No need to change anything

Buy one time, use long time

  • No Stuck lids

Always easy to open the lid

Not cold to touch when removing from the -80℃ freezer

  • Better cell viability

  • Quick re-use time

ready to use again in 5 minutes

  • Low impact on freezer

1/3 the heat impact on freezer compared to alcohol-filled units

Order No.

Model No.


Size (cm)



10200001CB-1212*1ml or 12*2mlΦ11.8*10122gPurple, orange,green

Mark: 20pcs/carton, size(cm): 64L*28W*24H


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