Automatic PMCC(Pensky Martens) Flash Point Tester PYD-261D
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Automatic PMCC(Pensky Martens) Flash Point Tester PYD-261D

Model: PYD-261D

TOP INSTRUMENT Automatic PMCC(Pensky Martens) Flash Point Tester PYD-261D is designed and manufactured as per standards GB/T 261-2008 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens closed cup method and ASTM D93 Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. It is used to make determination of the closed cup flash point of the petroleum products.
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  • PYD-261D

  • TOP


  • It adopts an 8-inch IPS high-definition capacitive screen.

  • Using 32-bit ARM processor and high-precision AD chip, the test data and parameters are recorded in real time and displayed by curve.

  • Equipped with Bluetooth interface. The user can query test data anytime.

  • Remote automatic upgrade to obtain the latest version, remote prediction, abnormal early warning, comprehensive evaluation and maintenance of instrument operation status.

  • Automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure, automatic correction of flash point value.

  • Temperature rise, cover opening, ignition, detection and printing data are completed automatically, and the test arm rises and falls automatically.

  • Electronic ignition, gas flame, automatic air cooling at the end of the test.

Power supply

AC(220±5%)V, 50Hz

Total power consumption


Flash point determination

Range: Ambient to 400℃


Heating rate

Procedure A: (5~6)℃/min

Procedure B:(1~1.5)℃/min

Procedure C: (3.0±0.5)℃/min

Stirring rate

Procedure A and C: (90~120)RPM

Procedure B: (250±10)RPM

Automatic control and manually adjustable

Igniting device

(1)Electric ignition

(2)Diameter of igniter:0.7mm~0.8mm

Data transmission mode


Suitable temperature

Ambient temperature:(15~35)℃

Relative humidity:≤85%



Net weight


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