1/10/50/100 Microliter Syringe
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1/10/50/100 Microliter Syringe

Model: mSyringe

TOP INSTRUMENT 1/10/50/100 Microliter Syringe is a specialized laboratory tool used for precise and accurate liquid handling in small volumes. It is commonly used in research labs, medical labs, and industrial settings where high accuracy and precision are required in small volumes. It is a reliable and efficient option for labs with liquid handling needs that require precise control over the volume of liquid being dispensed in microliter volumes.
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  • mSyringe

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GC Chromatographic Microliter Syringe Trace Sampler Cone Tip Gas Phase

LC Chromatographic Microliter Syringe Trace Sampler Flat Tip Liquid Phase

Material: Stainless steel, glass

Product CodeDescriptionVolume RangeQtyUnitPackageGross Weight
Dimensions in cubic meters
30012005Microliter Syringe GC0.5ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012010Microliter Syringe GC1ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012025Microliter Syringe GC2ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012015Microliter Syringe GC5ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012020Microliter Syringe GC10ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012030Microliter Syringe GC25ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.10.46*0.37*0.19
30012035Microliter Syringe GC50ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.10.46*0.37*0.19
30012040Microliter Syringe GC100ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.20.46*0.37*0.19
30012045Microliter Syringe GC250ul1pcs100pcs/carton70.46*0.37*0.19
30012050Microliter Syringe GC500ul1pcs100pcs/carton7.30.46*0.37*0.19
30012055Microliter Syringe GC1000ul1pcs100pcs/carton7.30.46*0.37*0.19
30012006Microliter Syringe LC0.5ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012011Microliter Syringe LC1ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012026Microliter Syringe LC2ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012016Microliter Syringe LC5ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012021Microliter Syringe LC10ul1pcs100pcs/carton60.46*0.37*0.19
30012031Microliter Syringe LC25ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.10.46*0.37*0.19
30012036Microliter Syringe LC50ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.10.46*0.37*0.19
30012041Microliter Syringe LC100ul1pcs100pcs/carton6.20.46*0.37*0.19
30012046Microliter Syringe LC250ul1pcs100pcs/carton70.46*0.37*0.19
30012051Microliter Syringe LC500ul1pcs100pcs/carton7.30.46*0.37*0.19
30012056Microliter Syringe LC1000ul1pcs100pcs/carton7.30.46*0.37*0.19


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