Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace 1200℃
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Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace 1200℃

Model: TX3/TX4 Series

TOP INSTRUMENT Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace 1200℃ is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment used for high-temperature heating and heat treatment of samples. Sintering,melting,elemental analysis and physical measurement within 1200℃ of precise control. The Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace is commonly used in research labs, medical labs, and industrial settings for applications such as ashing, ignition, and gravimetric analysis. It is designed to be energy-efficient and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for labs with limited budgets.
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  • TX3/TX4 Series

  • TOP


  • Mirror stainless steel mouthlong-term use will notchange color.

  • Imported double insulated ceramic linerstable performance.

  • Vacuum forming polycrystalline mullite fiber furnace, high efficiency insulation.

  • In the double shell the air sleeve isinsulatedand the double guiding air passage.

TX4 model also has the following characteristics:

  • Adding exhaust devices is beneficial to ashing.

  • Split design, circuit detachable easy to maintenance and repair.

  • P model is program temperature control type. program temperature controller can programme muitistage program.

Heating modeAlloy wire heating in three sides left; right; top side.
FunctionTemp. Range100-1200℃
Temp. Resolution Ratio1℃
Temp. motion±1℃
Temp. Rising time to max temp≤30min
StructureChamber materialCeramic fiber
Outer shellcold roling steel electrostatic spraying exterior; B model: stainless steel
Insulation layerCeramic fiber
HeaterAlloy heating wire
Power rating1.5kW3.0kW4.5kW6.0kW
Exhaust holeφ30mm (chimney size 80*60mm)
ControllerTemp. control modeTX3 model: domestic brand single controller; TX4 model: Imported single controller form Japan;
P model: Imported 40 sections program temperature control device from Japan Fuji
Temp. setting  modeTouch button setting
Temp. display modeMeasuring temperature: LED upper row, setting temperature: the lower row
Timer0-9999min (with timing wait function)
TX4 Series no timing function
Operation functionFixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop.
Additional functionSensor deviation correction, Temperature overshoot self-tuning, Internal parameter locked, Power-off parameter memory
SensorTX3: Platinum-rhodium sensor; TX4: High precision K type sensor
Safety deviceManual door security lock, over temperature sound-light alarm, door opening electrical outage, over-temperature protection, thermocouple failure
SpecificationInner Chamber size (W*L*H)(mm )120*200*80200*300*120200*300*200250*400*160
Exterior size (W*L*H) (mm)450*685*600530*785*640530*785*720600*895*700
Packing size (W*L*H) ( mm)580*775*730660*875*770660*875*850730*985*830
Current rating (50/60HZ)AC220V/6.6AAC220V/13.6AAC220V/20.4AAC380V/9.9A
NW / GW (kg)33/3745/5062/6877/96
Optional type

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