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Dispensing Pipette

Model: dPipette

TOP INSTRUMENT Dispensing Pipette is a specialized laboratory tool used for dispensing precise and accurate volumes of liquid. It is designed to provide a high level of accuracy and precision in various applications such as sample preparation, PCR, and other biological experiments. The pipette has additional features such as compatibility with various tips and ergonomic design for comfortable use.
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  • dPipette

  • TOP


  • It features a light weight design with ease of use.

  • One suction allows for continuously dispensing 45 times.

  • It has strong universality and is able to adapt to 7 types of dispensing pipette tip.

  • The dispensing range is 10-5000ul and for each type of tip, five dispensing volume are available for selection. Only attach a suitable tip and set the dispensing volume required, and then enjoy the fun of fast dispensing.

  • It employs the external piston replacement principle and is especially suitable for dispensing corrosive and sticky liquids.

  • Positive displacement design ensures accurate results , even for viscous,volatile or other problematic liquids.

  • Lightweight ergonomic handle and wide finger rest minimize operator hand strain.

  • Volume is easy to set , with the aid of the convenient volume-setting chart located on the handle.

Product CodeDescriptionVolume RangeQtyUnitGross Weight(kg)Dimensions in cubic meters
50001005Dispensing Pipette10-5000ul1pcs100.49*0.40*0.29

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