Rapid Low Temperature Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
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Rapid Low Temperature Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Model: PYD-5208

TOP INSTRUMENT Rapid Low Temperature Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per GB/T 5208-2008 Determination of flash point - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method. It can meet the requirements of rapid determination for closed cup flash point of petroleum products in oil, chemical, varnish, paint, railway, aviation, electricity, commercial inspection and science research institution. It is specially suitable to determine different kinds of colored paints, oil paints, adhesives, solvents and petroleum products which the closed cup flash point is -30℃~100℃.The instrument is also correspond with ISO1523 and ISO3679.
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  • PYD-5208

  • TOP


  • Meet the requirements of current standards: Meet the requirements of GB/T 5208-2008 standards, and ISO 1523 and ISO 3679 standards.

  • Rapid balance detection of trace amount: 2ml of liquid sample (4ml of solid or semi-solid sample); fast detection speed.

  • Integrated design of refrigeration system: The test bath adopts the integrated design of semiconductor refrigeration and compressor refrigeration circulating water to cool semi-conductor refrigeration devices, with compact structure, no external cooling water, and easy to use.

  • Color touch screen technology: Color touch screen display and single chip technology, the operation and control are all completed on the display screen.

  • Intelligent control technology: The instrument automatically controls the temperature and constant temperature, automatically detects the flash point, locks and prints the test results after the test.

Flash point measuring range


Precision of determination

It meets the standard GB/T 5208

Temperature resolution


Igniting device

Electric igniting gun

Cooling mode

Semiconductor (No need for external cooling water)

Igniting source

Gas,LPG (or other civilian fuels)

Power supply

AC (220±10%) V,50Hz

Total power consumption


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

(30~80) %



Net weight


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