PMCC Flash Point Tester
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PMCC Flash Point Tester

Model: PYD-261-1

TOP INSTRUMENT PYD-261 PMCC Flash Point Tester is designed and manufactured as per standards GB/T 261-2021 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Method and ASTM D93 Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. It is used to make determination of the closed cup flash point of the petroleum products.
  • PYD-261-1

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  • Single chip microcomputer control technique.LCD screen displays.The heating power is continuously step-less adjustable.The rate of heating up is exact.Easy setting for parameters.

  • The LCD screen has prompting menu,prompting input operation interface.It shows the setted parameters,real-time temperatures and other test parameters.Press the “record”button when the flash point appears.The screen will show and reserve the flash point.

  • The structure is newly design and small.Stainless steel table-board looks clean and beautiful.It can be used as long as equipped with gas or other civilian fuels.It is easy to use and test results exact.

Power supply

AC (220±10%)V, 50Hz

Total power consumption


Heating device

(1)The furnace is silicon carbide material. Power is 600W

(2)The heating power is adjustable from 0 W to 600W

Heating rate

Procedure A: (5~6)℃/min

Procedure B:(1~1.5)℃/min

Procedure C:(2.5~3.5)℃/min

Stirring device

(1)Stirring motor

(2) Driving mode: flexible shaft

(3) Shaft size: 8mm*40mm

Stirring rate

Procedure A: (90~120) RPM

Procedure B: (250±10) RPM

Procedure A: (90~120) RPM
Stand oil cup

(1)Internal diameter:50.7mm~50.8mm

(2) Depth: 55.7mm~56.0mm

(3) Marking depth of oil testing capacity: 33.9mm~34.3mm

(4) Oil test capacity: about 70m

Igniting device

Igniting source: gas(or other civilian fuels, the same below)

Ambient temperature


Relative humidit

≤ 85%



Net weight


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