Microcomputer LCD Water Quality Colorimeter
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Microcomputer LCD Water Quality Colorimeter

Model: P9012A

TOP INSTRUMENT Microcomputer LCD Water Quality Colorimeter integrates a number of independent design patents, with strong functions, high configuration, advanced technology, stable work, and direct reading of chromaticity values. It has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in pure water plants, tap water plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine industry and pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals, chemical products and other departments - Cobalt colorimetric determination.
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  • P9012A

  • TOP


  • Microcomputer system configuration, touch keyboard, standard serial RS232 communication interface, can be connected to a printer.

  • LCD backlit liquid crystal display, which can clearly display date, time, measurement value and measurement unit.

  • Arbitrarily programmable calibration standard value, fast automatic multi-point calibration, can quickly and arbitrarily select 1-7 points for automatic calibration.

  • Built-in clock memory storage system, real-time storage of measurement and correction data, long-term storage and recall of the latest 20 sets of measurement data.

  • Equipped with a turbidity compensation system, which can effectively avoid the interference caused by suspended particles in the sample, and can correctly reflect the concept of chromaticity.

  • Self-diagnosis information prompt, direct reading chromaticity value, 100,000-hour long-life high-intensity light source, maintenance-free and long-term use.

Measuring range (NTU)0-50,0-500chromaticity (Hazen, pt-co, pcu mg Pt/L)
Min readout (NTU)0.1chromaticity
Basic error F.S±3%
Power supply

AC 220V  ±10% 50Hz/5W


Desktop microcomputer configuration, high precision, with multi-point linear correction

Note: "P" after the model number indicates that it is equipped with a built-in printer

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