Density, Kinematic Viscosity Tester
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Density, Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Model: PYD-1884A

TOP INSTRUMENT Density, Kinematic Viscosity Tester is a specialized laboratory tool used to measure the density and kinematic viscosity of various liquids, including petroleum products, chemicals, and other industrial fluids. It is suitable for measuring the low temperature density of crude oil and liquid petroleum products, the low temperature density of petroleum products and non-petroleum product mixtures, or the determination of liquid petroleum products (referring to Newtonian liquid) in a constant temperature condition with a glass petroleum densitometer in the laboratory lower kinematic viscosity.
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  • PYD-1884A

  • TOP


  • It adopts the form of an all-in-one machine, a constant temperature water bath, and a glass transparent observation window on the front. The design is novel, the structure is compact, the operation is comfortable, and the appearance is elegant.

  • The imported compressor is used to form the refrigeration system, and the refrigeration speed is fast.

  • One instrument can do both standard density test and kinematic viscosity test.

Power supply

AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz±1Hz

Total Power Consumption


Tube capacity


Temperature range

(5~80) ℃

Temperature precision



-20℃~102℃, 0.2℃ division

0℃~50℃, 50℃~100℃, 0.1℃ division

Sample amount

2 samples

Working environment

(15~30)℃, RH<85%



Net Weight


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