Intelligent Kinematic Viscometer PYD-265H
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Intelligent Kinematic Viscometer PYD-265H

Model: PYD-265H

TOP INSTRUMENT Intelligent Kinematic Viscometer PYD-265H is a specialized laboratory tool used to measure the kinematic viscosity of a liquid. It is suitable to determine kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (Newtonian fluids) by measuring the time for a volume of liquid to flow under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer at a constant temperature.
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  • PYD-265H

  • TOP


  • Colored LCD display, it can display time and test results.

  • It adopts glass bath and electric stirrer, easy to observe the sample and ensure the uniform of bath temperature.

  • By parameter setting, one sample can be done alone or two samples can be done at the same time, with high work efficiency.

  • High accuracy.

  • It can preset the viscosity coefficient , calculate the viscosity after the test and print the test results automatically. Easy to operate.

Power supply


Total power consumption


Temperature range

Ambient to 100.0℃

Temperature control accuracy


Bath capacity


Timing range


Timing accuracy

±0.05% within 60min

Amount of capillary viscometer tubes

4 capillary viscometers

Stirring motor

1200 RPM

Working condition

15℃~35℃, RH: ≤85%

Temperature sensor

RTD, Pt100

Capillary viscometers tubes(Pinkevitch viscometer)

6 pieces in total.The inner diameter for each: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm



Net weight


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