Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser
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Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser

Model: gDispenser

TOP INSTRUMENT Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser is a specialized laboratory tool used for precise and accurate liquid handling in small volumes. It is a reliable and efficient option for labs with liquid handling needs that require precise control over the volume of liquid being dispensed, with the added benefit of chemical resistance and easy cleaning due to its glass construction.
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  • gDispenser

  • TOP


  • Availability for autoclave of the whole device.

  • A non-fragile, durable silicone tube made of special materials.

  • Convenience of use with high efficiency, and low repetitive error, capable of greatly reducing time and costs in resear.

  • Solvent Resistance: General acid and alkali

  • Material: PP

Product CodeDescriptionBottle VolumeVolumeTest VolumeAccuracy
30011420Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser translucent glass400ml0.38ml0.38ml±0.01
30011430Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser translucent glass400ml0.1-1ml0.1ml±0.02
30011440Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser translucent glass400ml0.5-5ml0.5ml±0.04
30011450Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser amber glass500ml0.5-5ml0.5ml±0.04
30011460Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser translucent glass1000ml1-10ml1ml±0.1
30011470Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser amber glass1000ml1-10ml1ml±0.1
30011480Adjustable Glass-Injection Dispenser amber plastic glass1000ml1-10ml1ml±0.1

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