Petroleum Products Color Tester PYD-0168
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Petroleum Products Color Tester PYD-0168

Model: PYD-0168

TOP INSTRUMENT Petroleum Products Color Tester is suitable to determine color of various lubricating oils and other petroleum products. The test methods are as follows: Fill test sample into color comparing tube and compare sample color with standard color to ascertain its color number.
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  • PYD-0168

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Characteristic of Petroleum Products Color Tester:

The PYD-0168 comprises a standard color dial, observation lens, light source, and color comparing tube.

  • Light Source

Utilizes a 220V, 100W grinding milk white light bulb with a temperature of 2750±50 K. The light is filtered through milk white glass and sunshine filtering glass to simulate natural light. This filtered light is then split into two parallel lights using a plane reflection mirror and prism, which evenly irradiate the sample in the color comparing tube on the standard color dial.

  • Standard Color Glasses

Equipped with 26 Φ14 light holes, with standard color glasses numbered 1 to 25 installed sequentially. The 26th hole is left blank. The color dial can be rotated using a handwheel to select the appropriate color during the test. Standard color comparing liquids are used to calibrate the standard color glasses.

  • Color Comparing Tube

A Φ32 mm, 120-130 mm high non-colorful flat bottom glass tube used for comparing colors. It is inserted into the instrument through a lid on the top.

  • Observation Lens

Consists of a concave mirror and a separated bar, allowing the observer to see two semicircle colors. The right semicircle represents the standard color. The optical observation lens can be adjusted for light and focus, ensuring ease of use.

Experience effortless operation with adjustable light and focus settings, thanks to our observation lens. Whether you're in the laboratory or the field, our Petroleum Products Color Tester is the ultimate solution for quality assurance and product consistency.


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