Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet T-1300U
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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet T-1300U

Model: T-1300U

TOP INSTRUMENT Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet T-1300U is a kind of clean bench widely used in medical treatment, chemical experiment, electron, precise machinery, instrument, apparatus, medical preparation, operating room, foodstuff, drinks, daily-use cosmetic, stock raising and aviation, as well as providing germfree dustless clean environment.
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  • T-1300U

  • TOP

Characteristic of Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet T-1300U:

Introducing Top Instrument Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet T-1300U - Your Ultimate Solution for Clean, Controlled Environments.

  • Arbitrary Positioning Sliding Door System

The T-1300U incorporates an innovative sliding door system that allows users to effortlessly adjust and position the doors according to their specific operational requirements.

  • Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality materials, the cabinet's shell is meticulously welded using cold-rolled plate, providing exceptional strength and stability. The surface is further fortified through an electrostatic spraying process, enhancing its resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical damage. Additionally, the work surface is meticulously fabricated from SUS304 brushed stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Advanced Safety Features

Safety interlocking of lighting and sterilization system, and UV lamp timing function (except 1BU and 1CU).

  • Intuitive Control Interface

Featuring a state-of-the-art digital display LCD control interface, the T-1300U offers users an intuitive and user-friendly platform for managing various operational parameters.

  • Innovative Airflow Management

Designed with a vertical quasi-closed tabletop configuration, the T-1300U facilitates the formation of a downward airflow curtain within the operational chamber.

  • Comprehensive Filtration System

Equipped with a dual-stage filtration system, comprising a HEPA high-efficiency air filter and a primary filter, the T-1300U ensures exceptional air quality within the workspace.

Elevate your standards of cleanliness and precision with the CE Clean Bench Horizontal Air Flow Laminar Flow Cabinet. Discover unparalleled performance and reliability for your laboratory or industrial applications. Experience cleanliness redefined.

Cleaning level

Grade 100≥0.5μM (209E U.S. Federal)

Number of bacteria

≤0.5per utensil.hour (90mm utensil)

The average wind speed



≤62dB (A)

Half ventilation peak value

≤5μm (XYZ direction)



Power supply

AC, 220V/50Hz

Max. power consumption




Dimension of working area (W1*D1*H1)


Overall dimension (W*D*H)



Two persons

Efficient filter specifications and quantities


Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp of ultraviolet lights


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