Thermostatic Heater
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Thermostatic Heater

Model: PR-COD

TOP INSTRUMENT Thermostatic Heater is mainly suitable for measuring COD in water using the heating reflux method, and its working principle can completely correspond to the classic method. It has been widely used in environmental protection, tap water, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, water supply and drainage, scientific research institutes and other industries. It is the best substitute for traditional COD heating methods.
  • PR-COD

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  • This instrument can make COD analysis work convenient, fast, economical, reliable, energy-saving and improve the working environment.

  • This series of products has redesigned and improved the heating system. The improved temperature uniformity between wells has been greatly improved, and the sample digestion uniformity is good.

  • The surface of the aluminum alloy heating module adopts aviation industry coating technology, which is beautiful and durable.

  • It adopts LCD display temperature controller, has functions such as scheduled shutdown and alarm, and is PID intelligent.

  • Control technology, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature shock amplitude, simple and easy to learn.

  • The test tube rack is welded with brushed stainless steel plates and has certain anti-corrosion capabilities.

Number of sample holes1220
Heating module materialAluminum alloy
Set tempretureRT--300
Temperature control instrumentLCD display/±1C
Timing range0-99 hours
Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Heating power1.6kW2.6KW

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