Super Oil Bath
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Super Oil Bath

Model: PH-SA

TOP INSTRUMENT Super Oil Bath adopts a microcomputer liquid crystal temperature controller and has dual functions of internal and external circulation. It is a precision product suitable for experimental science fields such as biology, physics, plants, chemicals, medical care, and environmental protection, or for auxiliary heating.
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  • PH-SA

  • TOP


  • It adopts a microcomputer LCD temperature controller with language display function for various working conditions and accurate temperature control; the temperature controller has temperature display and constant temperature timing decrement display functions, and error correction function between displayed temperature and actual temperature; over-temperature protection and over-temperature buzzer It has prompt function and is easy to operate.

  • The inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel plate and advanced technology, and has dual functions of internal and external circulation.

  • External circulation water inlet and outlet: outer diameter 10mm. The external circulation can lead the constant-temperature liquid in the tank out to establish another constant temperature field. It can also be used as a heat source to lead the liquid in the tank out, which can increase the temperature of the experimental container outside the tank. Expand the scope of use.

  • Stainless steel heating tube: prevent rust, high viscosity oil cannot use this product.

  • Built-in circulation pump: The circulation pump can improve the consistency and accuracy of the working temperature and make the temperature of the water (oil) in the tank more uniform.

  • External faucet: convenient for cleaning and draining waste oil or excess heating oil in the tank.

Cycle mode

Inner loop

Outer loop

Power supply

220V 50Hz
Temperature rangeRoom temperature + 5℃-300.0℃
Constant temperature fluctuation≤0.3 degrees/0.05
Temperature resolution


Heating powe


Constant temperature setting and measurement

Digital control

Timing range


Water pump flow rate

≥8 liters/min

≥6 L/min

Water pump power


Inner tank size

Overall dimensions


Weight (approximately)

About 13KG
Opening size


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