Stainless Steel Steam Re-distilled Water Distiller
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Stainless Steel Steam Re-distilled Water Distiller

Model: PZ5C

TOP INSTRUMENT Stainless Steel Steam Re-distilled Water Distiller is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment used for producing high-purity distilled water. It features a stainless steel chamber that uses steam to distill water, removing impurities and contaminants. The distiller's re-distillation process further enhances the purity of the water, ensuring that it is suitable for use in laboratory applications that require high-purity water.
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  • PZ5C

  • TOP


  • All of products are made from stainless steel.

  • Have two container, and firm reasonable.

  • Condenser is made of seamless stainless-steel pipes and so with very good cooling effects &great capacity of water produce.

  • When lack water, will auto stop heating, when the return water reach the normal level, then continue heating.

  • Composet of first distilling, second distilling water and heating two control system.

  • Immerge electric heating tube made from copper, heat efficiency is better.

Electric Supply380V/50Hz
Water discharge≥5L/h
Product size (wooden) (cm)45*68*84

Gross weight (kg)


Net weight (kg)


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