Stainless Steel Multifunctional Electric Water Bath Shaker
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Stainless Steel Multifunctional Electric Water Bath Shaker

Model: PH-W420

TOP INSTRUMENT Stainless Steel Multifunctional Electric Water Bath Shaker is mainly used for distillation, drying, concentration and wet staining of chemicals or biological products. The shaker's orbital motion ensures thorough mixing and agitation of samples, further enhancing the efficiency of the instrument. 
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  • PH-W420

  • TOP


  • This product adopts the sink type, the inner tank is welded with imported stainless steel plates, the outer shell is made of high-quality cold board and sprayed with plastic, and the surface is bright and wear-resistant.

  • The electric heating tube is sandwiched in the middle of the water, which has fast heating, high thermal efficiency and low power consumption.

  • Digital display temperature control RT ~ 100 ℃, according to the needs of use, you can adjust the intelligent temperature controller to control the temperature.

Heating Power1000W1500W
Power Supply220V 50HZ220V 50HZ
Constant Temperature RangeRT~100℃RT~100℃


When using, you must first add water to the water tank, or you can add hot water (to shorten the heating time), turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, and then select the constant temperature: according to the instruction manual of the intelligent temperature controller, directly on the temperature controller Just select the desired temperature, and the intelligent temperature controller will automatically perform constant temperature control.


  • This product uses 220 volts of alternating current, and the power supply uses a three-pin safety plug, the longest one of which is a safety grounding pin, so the corresponding three-eye socket should be properly grounded.

  • When adding water to the water tank, the water volume should not be less than the minimum water level (that is, the heating tube should not be exposed to the water surface), so as not to burn out the electric heating tube, causing electric leakage and water leakage. But don't add too much, lest the amount of boiling water overflow the surface.

  • There is a stainless steel metal rod as a sensor between the heating tubes, so as not to collide with each other to avoid failure of temperature control.

  • When there is no water in the water tank, it is forbidden to turn on the electric heating.

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