Refrigerated Dry Thermostat
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Refrigerated Dry Thermostat

Model: PB-20

TOP INSTRUMENT Refrigerated Dry Thermostat is a constant temperature metal bath device controlled by a microcomputer to replace the traditional water bath device. It can be widely used in sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification and electrophoresis pre-denaturation, serum coagulation, etc.
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  • PB-20

  • TOP


  • Instant temperature display, time decrement display, with cooling function.

  • The instrument has fast heating speed, fast cooling speed, uniform heating, accurate temperature control and high stability.

  • Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

  • Temperature offset calibration function.

  • A variety of modules can be replaced for easy cleaning and disinfection.

  • It has a programmable function to realize multi-point temperature control, up to 5 temperature points and constant temperature time setting and continuous operation.

Temperature control range


Temperature stability


Temperature uniformity


Display accuracy


Time setting

1min -99h59min

Heating time (25°C to 100°C)


Cooling time (from 20°C to -10°C)

≤15min (from 20℃ to -5℃)@environment temperature 25℃

≤20min (from 20℃ to -10℃)@environment temperature 25℃

Input power

AC220V/AC110V, 50/60Hz, 150W

Dimensions (mm)


Net weight


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