Portable Plant Spectrometer Optical Instrument
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Portable Plant Spectrometer Optical Instrument

Model: PZG-6H

TOP INSTRUMENT Portable Plant Spectrometer Optical Instrument is a professional instrument for real-time detection of spectral components. The spectral measurement range (350-800nm) covers the visible light band. It can detect a series of optical parameters, such as photosynthetically active radiation, photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD, different light quality composition ratio and so on.
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  • PZG-6H

  • TOP


  • 5.0 inch high definition touch screen operation, one key measurement, fast detection of light source spectral distribution.

  • The measured data include more than 40 Photonics and optical parameters, such as illuminance, par (400-700nm), PPFD, different light quality components (infrared, red, green, blue, ultraviolet, etc.), radiation intensity, ratio of red to blue light quality irradiance, chlorophyll weighted irradiance, color temperature, central wavelength, etc.

  • Support 180° screen rotation, screen brightness adjustment and key screen capture.

  • The analysis result diagram includes spectrum distribution diagram (350 ~ 800nm), CIE standard chromaticity diagram (1931, 1960, 1976), color tolerance diagram, color rendering index CRI diagram.

  • The analysis result diagram includes spectrum distribution diagram, CIE standard chromaticity diagram, color tolerance diagram and color rendering index CRI diagram.

wavelength range350nm~800nm
SensorHigh precision CCD
Chromaticity standard accuracy±0.0025
Storage capacityactory standard 8g tfcard (micro SD)
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)2nm
Spectral resolution / repeatability0.2nm, x, y repeatability ± 0.0005
Wavelength accuracy±0.5nm
communication interfaceMicro USB interface
Color temperature range1,000K~100,000K
Stray light≤0.3%
Continuous working hours20 hours
llumination measurement range5lx~200klx
Integral time50µs~10000ms
Main engine size / weight

138.5mm (height)*81mm (width)*23mm (thickness) / about 430g without accessories (including battery)

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