Petroleum Products Color Tester
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Petroleum Products Color Tester

Model: PYD-0168

TOP INSTRUMENT Petroleum Products Color Tester is suitable to determine color of various lubricating oils and other petroleum products. The test methods are as follows: Fill test sample into color comparing tube and compare sample color with standard color to ascertain its color number.
  • PYD-0168

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  • The instrument is composed of standard color dial, observation lens,light source and color comparing tube.

  • The light source is a 220 V, 100 W, with temperature of 2750±50 K grinding milk white light bulb. After filtering color by milk white glass and sunshine filtering glass, the spectrum characteristics of light gained from sunshine is similar to it. The standard light will change into two parallel lights, which is similar in size, trough plane reflection mirror and prism. The parallel lights will irradiate on sample in the color comparing tube on the color glass of standard color dial evenly and respectively.

  • There are 26 pieces of Φ14 light holes. And standard color glasses having 1~25 color number are installed in the 25 of these holes in sequence. The 26 hole is blank. The color dial is rotated by a hand wheel installed at right side of instrument to choose the correct color during color comparing test. The standard color comparing glass on the color dial should be calibrated by standard color comparing liquids.

  • The color comparing tube is Φ32 mm, 120~130 mm high non-colorful flat bottom glass tube. The color comparing tube is placed into instrument trough a lid on the top of the instrument.

  • The observation lens is composed of concave mirror and separated bar. You can see two semicircle colors through observation lens. The right semicircle is standard color. The light and focus of optical observation lens can be adjusted, so it is easy to be used.

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