Microporous Plate Thermostat
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Microporous Plate Thermostat

Model: PB100-2A

TOP INSTRUMENT Microporous Plate Thermostat is a micro-plate constant temperature incubator formed by combining micro-processing technology with PID control mode. It has small size, light weight and low noise. It is mainly used for mixing solutions such as ELISA plate (96-well/384-well plate), cell culture plate (24-well plate, 48-well plate, 96-well plate, etc.) at an appropriate temperature or for culturing and incubating cells. It is often used for immunoassay Constant temperature incubation of microplates for histochemical and molecular diagnostic experiments.
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  • PB100-2A

  • TOP


  • It has the function of heating the microplate up and down, so that each well of the microplate can be heated evenly.

  • LCD liquid crystal display, which can display the setting and actual temperature and time at the same time.

  • It can hold 2 standard ELISA plates and microplates. After the program runs, the buzzer will alarm to remind customers that the experiment is over.

  • With power failure recovery function, the instrument will run according to the original program after the external power supply is powered off and on again.

Temperature control range

Room temperature +5°C-70°C

Temperature control accuracy


Display accuracy


Heating time (20°C to 70°C)


Timing range


Sample throughput

2 standard microplates

power supply

AC100-230V, 50-60HZ, 120W

Dimensions (mm)




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