LCD Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer
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LCD Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Model: PSZ-20D

TOP INSTRUMENT LCD Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer adopts aluminum alloy portable design, which can be carried to the field for rapid detection. The portable design is convenient to carry and easy to operate. It can be used in the field or in the laboratory, and can be combined according to needs. Suitable for environmental monitoring, water companies, factories and other departments to use in laboratories or on-site.
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  • PSZ-20D

  • TOP


  • Adopt 4.3-inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen, intuitive interface and convenient operation.

  • Intelligent Chinese input function, which can directly input words through the smart keyboard and touch pen, making the detection record more detailed and intuitive.

  • With multiple curves, it is suitable for different concentration detection needs.

  • With embedded micro thermal printer, print test report directly.

  • Automatically display the concentration of the detected items in the sample.

  • The instrument has the function of automatically saving test results and querying.

  • With communication function, with data online sending function, it can realize external communication and monitoring network.

Color LCD touch screen size


Display range of transmittance value


Resolution of transmittance value


Absorbance value resolution


Transmittance accuracy


Repeatability of transmittance



≤0.3% (3 minutes)

Detection range


Communication interface

RS232, USB

Various working power sources

AC 220V, lithium battery

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