High-Quality Fully Auto Kjeldahl Azotometer
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High-Quality Fully Auto Kjeldahl Azotometer

Model: ZDDN-9870

TOP INSTRUMENT High-Quality Fully Auto Kjeldahl Azotometer products produced can be replaced with the "special operating system for the determination of chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers. After replacing the system, add "HF" at the end of the existing product model. The products all comply with: "GB/T8572-2010" , "GB/T17767.1-2008", "NY/T1977-2010", "NY-T1116-2014"... regarding "In the presence of methyl red-methylene blue mixed indicator solution, use sodium hydroxide standard titrant to return titration" standard.
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  • ZDDN-9870

  • TOP


  • The system automatically shuts down after 60 minutes of unattended operation, which is energy-saving, safe and secure.

  • The instrument has a built-in protein coefficient query table for users to read, query and participate in system calculations. When the coefficient = 1, the analysis result is "nitrogen content". When the coefficient > 1, the analysis result is automatically converted to "protein content" and displayed, stored and printed. .

  • The R, G and B three-color light intensity automatic adjustment system is suitable for the analysis of samples with different concentrations.

Analysis scope0.1-240 mgN
Touchscreen7-inch color LCD touch screen
Data storage capacity1 million sets of data
Recovery rate99-101%
Printer5.7CM thermal automatic cutting printer
Minimum titration volume0.2μL/step
Safe alkali addition mode0-99 seconds
Titration speed0.05-1.0ml/S optionally set
Automatic shutdown time60 minutes
Distillation time10-9990 free setting
Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Sample analysis time4-8min/(cooling water temperature 18℃)
Heating power2000W
Titrant concentration range0.01—5mol/L
Host sizeLength: 500* Width: 460* Height: 710mm
Titration cup volume300ml

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