Fully Automatic Fat Analyzer
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Fully Automatic Fat Analyzer

Model: PZF-06 /PZF-06A

TOP INSTRUMENT Fully Automatic Fat Analyzer is designed for fully automatic one-button operation, with easy operation, stable performance and high precision. It has multiple automatic extraction modes such as Soxhlet extraction, thermal extraction, Soxhlet thermal extraction, continuous flow and standard thermal extraction. According to the Soxhlet extraction principle, the gravimetric method is used to determine the fat content in grains, grains, and foods.
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  • PZF-06 /PZF-06A

  • TOP


  • The 7-inch color touch screen has a friendly interface design, which is convenient and easy to learn.

  • Menu-based program editing is intuitive, easy to operate, and can be loaded repeatedly.

  • Recipe management can store 99 groups of different analysis recipe programs.

  • Up to 40 program segments, multi-temperature, multi-level or cyclic soaking, extraction and temperature raising.

  • Complete the entire process of compression, heating, soaking, extraction, reflux, valve opening and closing with one click.

  • The fully automatic lifting and pressing system is highly automated, reliable and convenient.

  • Solenoid valve inching opening and closing, timing opening and closing, manual opening and closing, etc. can be used for soaking and extraction in various ways.

  • Using an integral metal bath heating block, it has a wide temperature range and high temperature control accuracy.

  • The automatic lifting function of the extraction filter paper cup holder ensures that the sample is immersed in the organic solvent at the same time, which helps to improve the consistency of sample measurement results.

  • Professional customized components are suitable for the use of various organic solvents, including petroleum ether, diethyl ether, alcohols, imitations and other organic solvents.

  • Petroleum ether leakage alarm. When the working environment becomes dangerous due to petroleum ether leakage, the alarm system starts and stops adding oil.

  • Equipped with two solvent cups, aluminum alloy and glass, for users to choose.

  • PZF-06A has a built-in electronic refrigeration cycle cooling system. The product does not require external tap water, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Measuring range0.1%-100%
Control panel7 inch
Temperature control range≤1%Solvent return plugElectromagnetic automatic opening and closing
Temperature control accuracySolid ≤ 10g, liquid 20mlExtractor lifting systemAutomatic lifting
Determination of sample quantity0-9990S free settingHeating power1500W
Determine sample weight0.5g~15gElectronic cooling power500W (for PZF-06A only)
Solvent cup volume150mLVoltage220V±10%/50Hz
Solvent recovery rate≥ 85%

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