Economical 3D Shaker with Dish Platform
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Economical 3D Shaker with Dish Platform

Model: PK-D1807-E

TOP INSTRUMENT Economical 3D Shaker with Dish Platform is a specialized laboratory equipment used for mixing and shaking of samples in a controlled environment. It is designed to be energy-efficient and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for labs with limited budgets. The 3D motion allows for efficient and thorough mixing of samples, providing valuable data for research and analysis. The Economical 3D Shaker is a simple and reliable option for labs with basic mixing needs.
  • PK-D1807-E

  • TOP


  • Three dimensional rocking angle of 7° gives best results at economical price.

  • Load capacity up to 3Kg with platform.

  • Speed adjustable with an analog control knob from 0-80rpm.

  • Wide range of accessories and attachments are available.

Tilt angle
Max. load capacity (with platform)3kg
Motor typeDC motor
Motor rating input16W
Motor rating output10W
Speed range0-80rpm
Speed displayDial
Timer display-
Time setting range-
Voltage100-240V, 50/60Hz
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40℃, 80%RH
Dimension [W*D*H]270*330*130mm
Protection classIP21
Data connector-

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