Economic 96 Holes PCR for General Laboratory
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Economic 96 Holes PCR for General Laboratory

Model: TP-96G

TOP INSTRUMENT Economic 96 Holes PCR for General Laboratory is the core equipment to complete PCR reaction. It can quickly and specifically amplify any target DNA in vitro. It is a major development of molecular biology and this technology has greatly promoted the progress of genetic discovery and made the relevant decisive technologies simple and repeatable.
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  • TP-96G

  • TOP


  • Optional temperature control mode.

  • Fast temperature change rate to save experimental time.

  • Maximum 30 ℃ gradient (c-96 and c-32 instruments are not applicable).

  • Hot start function .

  • The hot cover pressure is adjustable to prevent liquid volatilization, so as to adapt to various PCR pipes.

  • Excellent temperature uniformity to ensure the best experimental results.

  • The latest generation of 7-inch touch screen, curve graphics display program.

  • Power failure automatic protection.

  • The latest USB flash disk interface, download the program through USB flash disk.

  • Imported core parts with guaranteed quality and service life.

Temperature rise and fall technolog

the latest generation of semiconductor technology

Sample table capacity

0.2ml*96 hole or 0.5ml*96 hole or 0.2ml*96 hole + 0.5ml*77 hole, in-situ tray

U disk functio

unlimited download of program through U disk
Communication interfacUSB2.0 RS232

Sample table temperature


Heating Rate


Cooling Rate


Maximum temperature points

40, multiple nested cycle

Temperature uniformity of sample table

≤± 0.2℃ (30 seconds after reaching the set temperature point)

Temperature accuracy of sample table

≤± 0.1℃ (30℃ ~ 100℃)

Program storage

the instrument can store 20000 programs, and unlimited programs can be downloaded through USB flash disk

Accuracy of gradient temperature

≤± 0.1 ℃ (35 ℃ - 99.9 ℃)

Gradient temperature uniformit

≤± 0.2 ℃ (30 seconds after reaching the set temperature point)

Temperature control mode

analog tube + sample table

Gradient range

30 ℃ ~ 99.9 ℃

Gradient Temp. difference range

maximum 30 ℃

Gradient temperature point distribution

12 columns (vertical direction)

Time increment/decrement

1 Sec - 120 Sec

Temp. increment/decrement


Adjustable temperature change speed



both Chinese and English

Power off protection


4℃ insulation:



7 inch, curve graphic display program

Heat cover height

stepless adjustable, pressure adaptive PCR tube and tray

Heat cover temperature

30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ adjustable

Automatic closing function of hot cover

when the temperature of sample table is lower than 30 ℃, the hot cover will close automatically. At the end of the program, the hot cover closes automatically

Input power

600 W

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