Digital Heated Dry Thermostat
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Digital Heated Dry Thermostat

Model: PB-10

TOP INSTRUMENT Benchtop Laboratory Rapid Dry Block Thermostat is a constant temperature metal bath device controlled by a microcomputer. It has high temperature control accuracy and good parallelism in sample preparation. It can replace the traditional water bath device and can be widely used in the cultivation, preservation and reaction of various samples. The application industry covers medicine and chemical industry, food safety, quality inspection, environment, etc.
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  • PB-10

  • TOP


  • Real-time temperature display, time decrement display.

  • The instrument has fast heating speed, uniform heating, accurate temperature control and high stability.

  • Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

  • Temperature offset calibration function.

  • A variety of modules can be replaced for easy cleaning and disinfection.

  • It has a programmable function to realize multi-point temperature control, up to 5 temperature points and constant temperature time setting and continuous operation.

Temperature control range

Room temperature +5°C-100°C

Temperature stability


Temperature uniformity


Display accuracy


Time setting

1min -99h59min

Heating time (25°C to 100°C)


Input power

AC220V/AC110V, 50/60Hz, 150W

Dimensions (mm)


Net weight


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