Curve Heating Digestion System
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Curve Heating Digestion System

Model: PRX-20SX /PRX-20LX

TOP INSTRUMENT Curve Heating Digestion System is a sample processing system designed with a curved heating digestion furnace as the main body, combined with waste gas collection and waste gas neutralization. This system realizes the steps from ① sample digestion → ② waste gas collection → ③ waste gas neutralization treatment → ④ stopping heating after digestion is completed →⑤The separation and cooling of the digestive tube and the heating body can be completed with one click, which realizes the automation of the sample digestion process, improves the working environment, and reduces the work intensity of the operator.
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  • PRX-20SX /PRX-20LX

  • TOP


  • Test tube holder in place detection: The test tube holder is not placed or is not placed in place. The system will alarm and stop working to prevent equipment damage caused by no sample or wrongly placed test tubes.

  • Anti-fouling tray and alarm system: The anti-fouling tray can prevent acid from the exhaust gas collection port from contaminating the operating table. If the tray is not removed, the system will alarm and stop operation.

Product numberPRX-20SXPRX-20LX
Number of sample holes20 holesAC~220V/50Hz
Heating block materialHigh density graphite6061 aluminum alloy
Set tempreture550℃450℃
Temperature control accuracy1℃
Heating rate≈8--15° ℃/min
Temperature control system1-40 segment programmed heating/single point heating dual mode
Recipe management9 groups
Scheduled shutdownAny setting from 1 to 999 minutes
Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Heating power2.8KW
Neutralize extraction flow18L/min
Neutralization reagent bottle capacity

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