Curve Heating Digestion Furnace
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Curve Heating Digestion Furnace

Model: PRX-S/L

TOP INSTRUMENT Curve Heating Digestion Furnace is a sample digestion and transformation equipment developed based on the classic wet digestion principle. It is mainly used in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, geology, petroleum, chemical industry, food and other departments as well as universities and scientific research departments for digestion treatment before chemical analysis of samples such as plants, seeds, feed, soil, ores, etc. It is the first choice of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer. Best supporting products.
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  • PRX-S/L

  • TOP


  • The high-density graphite heating module has good uniformity, small temperature buffer, and the design temperature is as high as 550°C.

  • The surface of the aluminum alloy heating module adopts aviation industry coating technology, which is beautiful, durable and has a design temperature of 450℃.

  • The temperature control system uses a 5.6-inch color touch screen, which is easy to operate.

  • The formula program input adopts the table format fast input method, which has clear logic, fast speed and less error.

  • 0-40 segment programs can be selected and set arbitrarily.

  • Single point heating and curve heating modes can be selected at will.

  • Intelligent P, I, D self-tuning temperature control has high precision, reliability and stability.

  • The electrical control system uses solid-state relays, which are quiet and have strong anti-interference capabilities.

  • The segmented power supply and anti-power outage restart functions can avoid potential risks.

  • Equipped with over-temperature, over-pressure and over-current protection modules.

Product number









Number of sample holes10 holes15 holes20 holes40 holes
Heating block materialS=High density graphite/L=6061 aluminum alloy
Set tempretureS=550℃/L=450C
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
Heating rate≈8--15° ℃/min
Temperature control system5.5-inch color touch screen, 1-40 segment program heating/single point heating dual mode
Recipe management9 groups
Scheduled shutdownAny setting from 1 to 999 minutes
Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Heating power1.4KW2.1KW2.8KW5.6KW
Net weight(Kg)18212642

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