Compact Laboratory Rocking Shaker
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Compact Laboratory Rocking Shaker

Model: PS-100

TOP INSTRUMENT Compact Laboratory Rocking Shaker is a desktop shaker that can be directly placed in the greenhouse or in the incubator. It is widely used in shaking and shaking during Coomassie blue staining and decolorization, fixing electrophoresis gels, and silver nitrate staining. Fixation, staining, development, etc. After electrophoretic transfer, further processing of cellulose membrane. Such as molecular hybridization, staining of antigen and antibody, and can be used for cell culture and cell membrane transfer. Laboratory sample bottles, such as Petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks and culture flasks can be placed on it to swing.
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  • PS-100

  • TOP


  • Suitable for various sample bottles in the laboratory, such as Petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks and culture flasks.

  • Stainless steel tray and wear-resistant rubber platform, acid and alkali resistant, non-deformable, easy to clean, and anti-spill.

  • Single or double pallet design.

  • Real-time speed display and timing display, convenient and intuitive. It can be set to run continuously from time to time.

  • Adopt DC brushless motor.

Rotating speed


Timing range



25mm up and down (10 degrees)

Weight capacity


Power supply

AC 100-230vV, 50-60HZ,60W

Dimensions (mm)


Net weight


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