CE Standard Laboratory Super Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
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CE Standard Laboratory Super Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Model: TS-840U

TOP INSTRUMENT CE Standard Laboratory Super Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is a laboratory instrument used for providing a clean and sterile work environment for handling materials that are sensitive to contamination. They are preferred over traditional methods of handling sensitive materials because they provide a safe and controlled environment for the user and the surrounding environment.
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  • TS-840U

  • TOP


  • Arbitrary positioning sliding door system is adopted.

  • The shell is welded with cold-rolled plate, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the work surface is. SUS304 brushed stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.

  • The lighting and sterilization system are interlocked safely, and have the function of timing the ultraviolet light.

  • Digital display LCD control interface, more humanized design.

  • The vertical quasi-closed table top and the formation of the downflow air curtain in the operating room can effectively prevent external air from being injected and clean the operating area.

  • It is equipped with a HEPA high-efficiency air filter and a primary filter for preliminary filtration, which can effectively prolong the service life of the high-efficiency filter.

Cleaning level

Grade 100≥0.5μM (209E U.S. Federal)

Number of bacteria

≤5per utensil.hour (90mm utensil)

The average wind speed



≤62dB (A)

Half ventilation peak value

≤0.5μm (XYZ direction)



Power supply

AC, 220V/50Hz

Maximum power




Dimension of working area (W1*D1*H1)


Overall dimension (W*D*H)


Suited numberSingle/Single

Efficient filter specifications and quantities


Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp of ultraviolet lights


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