Automatic Tube Cleaning Machine
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Automatic Tube Cleaning Machine

Model: PRSG-40

TOP INSTRUMENT Automatic Tube Cleaning Machine can automatically clean and dry the inside and outside of the test tube in all directions. Especially suitable for cleaning test tubes of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.
  • PRSG-40

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  • The 7-inch color touch screen provides intuitive and convenient operation information expression.

  • Multiple program selection

A. Standard cleaning: Clean general stained utensils with room temperature water flow, and automatically dry after cleaning

B. Deep cleaning: Heating water pulse flushing can clean deeply contaminated utensils, and high-temperature drying is completed after cleaning

C. Self programming cleaning: freely set soaking temperature, soaking time, rinsing temperature, rinsing time, cleaning solution usage ml/L, drying temperature, and drying time

  • 304 stainless steel vertical pipe spray, high-pressure water flow, high flow pulse cleaning can ensure cleaning cleanliness.

  • The high-pressure, atmospheric flow heating and air drying system can quickly complete cleaning tasks, with a maximum temperature of 80 ℃.

  • The built-in high-efficiency dustproof filter ensures the cleanliness of the drying airflow.

  • Automatically add cleaning solution, with a dosage of 0-20ml/L set arbitrarily.

  • The temperature of cleaning water can be freely set at room temperature -80 ℃.

Test tube processing capacity40 pieces/time
Cleaning water tankExternal 50L bucketBuilt in 50L stainless steel water tank
Cleaning water heating functionNothingRT+5 ℃ -80 ℃
Cleaning solution addition methodReagent pump automatically adds 0-30ml/min
High pressure fanReagent pump automatically adds 0-30ml/min
Overall dimensions (length * width * height mm)480 * 650 * 950550 * 750 * 1100

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