Automatic Cation Exchange Analyzer
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Automatic Cation Exchange Analyzer

Model: ZDDN-9830Y

TOP INSTRUMENT Automatic Cation Exchange Analyzer is based on the method of "LYT 1243-1999 Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity of Forest Soil". The soil is repeatedly treated with 1mol/L ammonium acetate solution to make the soil saturated with ammonium ions. The excess ammonium acetate is washed away with 95% ethanol, and then Add magnesium oxide for distillation. The distilled ammonia is absorbed with boric acid solution, titrated with standard acid solution, and the soil cation exchange capacity is calculated based on the amount of ammonium ions.
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  • ZDDN-9830Y

  • TOP


  • The operating system adopts a 7-inch color touch screen, and the human-machine dialogue operation is simple and easy to learn.

  • Level 3 authority management and system parameter query comply with relevant certification requirements.

  • Automatically add required reagents, automatically distill, and automatically stop distillation and separation.

  • Professional and excellent pumps, valves, and acid- and alkali-resistant pipelines ensure product reliability and stability.

  • The system automatically shuts down after 60 minutes of unattended operation, which is energy-saving, safe and secure.

  • Distillation time can be set freely from 10 seconds to 9990 seconds.

  • The steam system is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe and reliable.

  • The cooler system is made of 304 stainless steel, which has fast cooling speed and stable analysis data.

  • The 5mm thick transparent safety door and safety door alarm system ensure personal safety.

  • The leakage protection system ensures operator safety.

  • The test tube absence protection can prevent the system from adding reagents or heating and causing injury.

  • Safety door protection settings ensure the personal safety of operators.

  • The water shortage protection of the steam system can automatically shut down and alarm to prevent accidents.

  • The steam pot over-temperature protection system can prevent the temperature in the steam pot from being too high and damaging the instrument.

Analysis scope0.07-140mmol/L
Nitrogen flow60—600ml/min
Nitrogen pressure≤ 0.1Mpa
Sample weightSolid ≤ 5g
Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Distillation time0-9990S free setting
Heating power2000W
Sample analysis time5--10min/(cooling water temperature 18℃)
Test tube volume300--750ml
Net weight26Kg

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