Asphalt Bending Beam Rheometer(BBR)
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Asphalt Bending Beam Rheometer(BBR)

Model: PYD-0627

TOP INSTRUMENT Asphalt Bending Beam Rheometer(BBR) is based on T 0627 Asphalt Bending Creep Stiffness Test (Bending Beam Rheometer Method) and SH/T 0775 Asphalt Bending Creep Strength It is designed and manufactured with reference to AASHTO T313, AASHTO TP112 of the American Association of State-owned Highway and Transportation Administrators, ASTM D6648 of the American Society for Testing and Materials; European EN 14771 and other standards, and is suitable for measuring the low temperature flexural creep strength of asphalt The value of creep S(t) and creep slope m can be used to evaluate the low temperature fracture characteristics of asphalt binder. This instrument is suitable for original asphalt, asphalt after pressure aging and aged asphalt after film oven (or rotary film oven).
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  • PYD-0627

  • TOP


  • The instrument control unit adopts an industrial tablet computer to display the deformation curve, pressure curve and temperature curve in real time, and the instrument clock software can be set and adjusted.

  • Adopting PELTIE technology and refrigerator composite mode, the cooling speed is fast, and it can drop from room temperature to -18°C in 40 minutes, and the temperature control accuracy is high.

  • It adopts linear differential displacement sensor (LVDT), equipped with a standard calibration module, and the displacement parameters can be calibrated, accurate and high-precision.

  • A high-precision, low-noise, split refrigerator is used, and it is connected to the host machine with a hose to prevent its vibration from affecting the test results.

  • Adopt high-precision load sensor, equipped with standard pressure calibration device, the pressure can be marked, accurate and reliable.

  • A magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed is installed in the liquid bath of the main machine, and the temperature of the liquid bath is accurate and uniform.

  • Air source pressure, pre-pressure, load pressure and air bearing pressure can all be displayed intuitively and digitally in the operating software for easy viewing.

  • It is designed with a USB communication port, which can realize the export of instrument detection data.

  • It has functions such as instrument overload protection and fault warning. When an abnormality occurs, the buzzer will alarm and the interface fault code will be displayed at the same time.

  • The test time can be set, which is convenient for verifying the deformation after 240s (default 240s).

  • The time point required for the calculation result can be set by software (default 8s, 15s, 30s, 60s, 120s, 240s).

  • The loading shaft adopts air bearings filtered by two-stage high-precision air, and the loading has no damping, and the accuracy is high.

Host sensorDisplacement sensor range(0~10)mm
Displacement sensor resolution2.5μm
Pressure sensor range(0~4900)mN
Pressure sensor resolution2mN
Temperature sensor range-50℃~room temperature
Temperature sensor accuracy±0.1°C
Host liquid bathLiquid bath temperature range-40℃~room temperature
Temperature control accuracy±0.1°C
Liquid bath volume5L
Stirrer speed25 rpm
Host OthersDie size127mm*12.7mm*6.35mm
Sample support top radius3mm±0.3mm
Loading shaft radius6.3mm±1.3mm spherical contact point
Data interfaceUSB
Working power supplyAC220V/50Hz; 1kW
Ambient temperatureroom temperature 25°C (air conditioner must be used if necessary)
Ambient humidity≤70% (relative humidity)


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